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The following information is based on rumors submitted by physicists from around the world.
Since many physics departments will not verify this, we cannot guarantee that any information is accurate.
This information is provided as a public service to increase transparency in the HEP and
string/math physics job markets; no warranty is expressed or implied.

You do not need to ask us whether we have heard anything about the position X in Y:
All the information that we have (and that we have not been asked to withhold) is on this page.


Monday Dec 4th 2017 Finally some rumors again! MPI München.
Friday Nov 24th 2017 Another position in Lund, this time permament.
Please submit rumors, this is a rumor mill!
Wednesday Nov 15th 2017 First Name in Mainz.
Thursday Nov 2nd 2017 New position in Regensburg.
Monday Oct 16th 2017 New position in Mainz.
Wednesday Oct 4th 2017 New position in Lund.
Tuesday, May 23rd 2017 New position in Wuppertal, new name in Berlin.
Friday, May 19th 2017 DIAS keeps trickling in.
Friday, May 12th 2017 ... and another one. Also: Berlin, Munich
Monday, Apr 24th 2017 Another name at DIAS
Wednesday, Apr 19th 2017 A name in Munich, new positions at HU Berlin and DIAS Odense (deadlines already passed)
Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017 New W2 in Jena, another name in Bielefeld
Tuesday, Feb 7th 2017 New tenure track in Munich
Thursday, Feb 2nd 2017 We had to move (again), we are now at
(But you obviously know that, otherwise you would not be here.) Spread the word!
Monday, Jan 16th 2017 Happy new year! Cleanup. New Asian rumor mill.
Some loose ends tied up (Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, DESY, Dortmund, Munich, Würzburg).
Monday, Nov 14th 2016 Aachen obviously accepted (looking for a postdoc).
Wednesday, Nov 9th 2016 And another two names.
Friday, Nov 4th 2016 Two more names in Berlin
Thursday, Oct 27th 2016 Another name in Berlin
Monday, Oct 24th 2016 Trento offered and accepted
Tuesday, Oct 18th 2016 Shortlist Lattice Humboldt
Thursday, Oct 13th 2016 Shortlist Lattice Humboldt
Tuesday, Aug 16th 2016 Shortlist for a new position in Trento, Bielefeld

Aachen (W1, Theoretical Astroparticle Physics, with tenure to W2) [30.6.15]
Short List:
Matthias Garny (CERN)
Philipp Mertsch (SLAC)
Markus Ahlers (University Wisconsin, Madison)
Miguel Pato (University Stockholm)
Francesca Calore (GRAPPA, University Amsterdam)
Andrew Taylor (Dublin University)
Mattia Fornasa (GRAPPA, University Amsterdam)
(+ 1 more person)
Offered To:
Francesca Calore (declined)
Philipp Mertsch (accepted)
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Tenure track, assistent/associate) [17.3.16]
Short List: (public at
Stefano Frixione
Kalliopi Petraki
Juan Rojo
Markus Schulze
Michael Spannowsky
Offered To:
Juan Rojo (accepted)
Humboldt Univ. Berlin (in English) (together with DESY, Lattice W2) [05.08.16]
Short List:
Gergely Endrodi (Frankfurt)
Marina Marinkovic (CERN/Trinity)
Michele Della Morte (Odense)
Alberto Ramos (CERN)
Marc Wagner (Frankfurt)
(+ at least three more people which are known to us)
Offered to:
(somebody who asked us not to be named)
Humboldt Univ. Berlin (W2) [??.04.17]
Short List:
Sophia Carola Borowka
Ramona Grober
Offered to:
Bielefeld (W1 or W3) ("Only one position will be filled.") [4.1.16]
Short List:
Jacopo Ghiglieri
Soeren Schlichting
Vladimir Skokov
Korinna Zapp
Offered to:
"A junior faculty member (AJFM)"
(name known to us)
Vrije Universiteit Brussels (Senior Academic Staff/Tenure Track) [15.12.15]
Short List:
Laura Lopez-Honorez
Mathias Garny
Alberto Mariotti
Chiara Arina
Kai Schmidt-Hoberg
Roberto Franceschini
+ one more person
Offered to:
Laura Lopez Honorez (declined?)
Alberto Mariotti (accepted)
DESY (2x Junior Staff in Theoretical Physics) [05.08.15]
Short List:
Offered to:
Filippo Sala (accepted)
DIAS (Odense) (Assistant professor) [14.02.17]
Short List:
Aurora Meroni
Masanori Hanada
Benjamin Jäger
Tin Sulejmanpasic
Dortmund (W1) [?]
Short List:
Joachim Brod
Martin Jung
Florian Goertz
Katrin Gemmler
Offered to:
Joachim Brod (accepted)
Jena (Gravitational Physics, W2) [27.3.17]
Short List:
Offered to:
Lund (Associate Senior Lecturer, tenure-track) [13.11.17]
Short List:
Offered to:
Lund (Senior Lecturer, permanent) [18.12.17]
Short List:
Offered to:
Mainz (Mathematical Physics, W2) [22.10.17]
Short List:
Timm Wrase (Wien)
Offered to:
MPI München (?)

Offered to:
Johannes Henn (?)
TU München (Staff position in Theoretical Particle Physics, A13/E14) [15.10.15]
Short List:
Fabrizio Caola
Offered to:
Matthias Garny (accepted)
TU München (W2 tenure track) [9.3.17]
Short List:
Markus Schulze (HU Berlin)
Elisabetta Furlan
Rafael Porto Pereira (ICTP)
Offered to:
NORDITA (Assistant Professor in Theoretical High-Energy Physics, Gravitation or Cosmology) [15.3.2016]
Short List:
Paolo Benincasa
Cynthia Keeler
Mathias Garny
Blaise Gouteraux
Marius de Leeuw
Paolo Panci
Offered to:
Blaise Gouteraux (accepted)
Regensburg (W2, lattice) [30.11.2017]
Short List:
Stockholm (Professor of Cosmoparticle physics) (OKC director) [2.2.2015]
Short List:
Gianfranco Bertone
Celine Boehm
Alexander Kusenko
Hiranya Peiris
Offered to:
Hiranya Peiris (accepted, keeping her position at UCL)
Trento (Researcher in Theoretical physics of fundamental interactions, three years contract) [22.5.2016]
Short List:
Sante Carloni
Mariafelicia De Laurentis
Cristiano Germani
Alberto Guffanti
Alessio Marrani
Piero Nicolini
Alessio Notari
Domenico Orlando
Massimiliano Rinaldi
(+one more person)
Offered to:
Massimiliano Rinaldi (accepted)
Wuppertal (W2, lattice) [23.7.2017]
Short List:
Offered to:
Würzburg (?) [?]
Short List:
Offered To:
Johanna Erdmenger (accepted)


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