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The following information is based on rumors submitted by physicists from around the world.
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You do not need to ask us whether we have heard anything about the position X in Y:
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Friday March 8th 2019 Another name in Karlsruhe, new W1 in Dortmund.
Wednesday February 27th 2019 New job in Trondheim.
Wednesday February 20th 2019 First name for Karlsruhe.
Friday February 15th 2019 Offer in Uppsala, some more names in Siegen.
Monday January 28th 2019 Short list in Uppsala.
Sunday January 27th 2019 (Bad) news in Bonn.
Friday January 25th 2019 More names in Siegen.
Monday January 17th 2019 Happy new Year! List Cleaned. Short list Siegen started.
Thursday December 13th 2018 New position in Karlsruhe.
Thursday November 2nd 2018 Odense and Wuppertal accepted.
Tuesday September 25th 2018 New position in Bielefeld and Siegen, fellowships in Radboud
Monday September 10th 2018 Bplaced temporarily shut us down due to inactivity. Fixed.
Both Lund positions offered.
Thursday July 26th 2018 Humboldt news.
Wednesday July 4th 2018 Short list in Odense

Bielefeld (W2, tenure track to W3) [31.10.18]
Short List:
Offered to:
Bonn (W3) [15.02.18]
Short List:
Michael Spannowsky
Timo Weigand
(five more people known to us)
"... die Fachgruppe Physik/Astronomie das Berufungsverfahren zum Ende des Sommersemesters 2018
mit dem Vorschlag einer 3er-Liste abgeschlossen hatte. Leider ist die Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche
Fakultät, der Fakultätsrat, diesem Listenvorschlag nicht gefolgt. Die Professur soll nun erneut
mit modifizierter Schwerpunktsetzung ausgeschrieben werden."
DESY (5 year junior staff)
Short List:
Admir Greljo
Ramona Gröber
Giuliano Panico
Florian Staub
Tim Stefaniak
Offered to:
(somebody known to us)
Dortmund (Theoretical Flavor Physics and the phenomenology of new physics, W1) [3.4.19]
Short List:
Offered to:
Jena (Gravitational Physics, W2) [27.3.17]
Short List:
Offered to:
Sebastiano Bernuzzi (accepted)
Karlsruhe (Theoretical Particle Physics, W3) [28.1.19]
Short List:
Claude Duhr
Veronica Sanz
Offered to:
Lund (Associate Senior Lecturer, tenure-track) [13.11.17]
Short List:
Offered to:
Stefan Prestel
Lund (Senior Lecturer, permanent) [18.12.17]
Short List:
Offered to:
Rikkert Frederix
Mainz (Mathematical Physics, W2) [22.10.17]
Short List:
Timm Wrase (Wien)
Marco Zagermann
(One more person known to us)
Offered to:
(Somebody known to us)
MPI München (?)

Offered to:
Uli Haisch (accepted)
Radboud University (Two fellowships, tenure track) [30.9.18]
Short List:
Offered to:
Regensburg (W2, lattice) [30.11.2017]
Short List:
Marina Marinkovic (Dublin)
Offered to:
Siegen (W3) [8.11.18]
Short List:
Danny van Dyk
Christoph Englert
Anna Kulesza
Alexander Lenz
Michael Spannowsky
David Straub
Offered to:
Trondheim ("Broadly theoretical Astroparticle Physics", Tenure) [17.3.19]
Short List:
Offered to:
Uppsala (Tenure Track) [15.04.2017]
Short List:
1. Dmytro Volin
2. Manuela Kulaxizi
3. Oliver Schlotterer
4. Dionysios Anninos
5. Andrei Parnachev
6. Paolo Benincasa
7. Marius de Leeuw
8. Ioannis Papadimitriou
9. Christoph Keller
10. Pavel Putrov
Offered to:
Uppsala (senior lecturer) [17.06.2018]
Short List:
Heidi Rzehak
Christoph Englert
Roman Paschenik
(one more person)
Offered to:
Christoph Englert
Wuppertal (W2, lattice) [23.7.2017]
Short List:
Offered to:
Szabolcs Borsanyi (accepted)

Germans abroad

Joachim Kopp (Mainz) CERN
Martin Spinrath National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)


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